Badasar – Actor and Multimedia Artist

I was born in Germany as the child of Armenian immigrants and discovered my love for art at an early age. My passion led me to pursue acting, which I studied in Hamburg. After years on the theater stage and in television, I fell in love with the world of film and have since appeared in over 70 film, television, and cinema productions.

Through my profession, I traveled the world and gathered diverse experiences that shaped my artistic development. Even in my childhood, I developed a deep connection to performing, visual, and musical arts. Graffiti, Pop Art, music, and especially classical art have always inspired and influenced me.

In addition to my work as an actor, I engaged in projects involving creative expression. I began experimenting with collages, drawings, and painting at an early age. My continuous growth culminated in the opening of my first studio in 2015. Since then, I’ve dedicated my energy and artistic evolution to improving my craft and fostering innovation.

Through intensive learning and self-directed training, I found my artistic voice, discovering a particular passion for working with concrete. For several years now, I’ve been immersed in concrete art, creating two- and three-dimensional reliefs, installations, and sculptures. The possibilities of concrete are endless and serve as a canvas for my artistic interpretation.



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