barev, shalom, salam aleikum and hello,
I was born 1974 in Germany. Grown up and studying in Hamburg. initially, i participated in several workshops in the years 1992-1994. in 1994 i studied acting at the „Freie Theaterschule zu Hamburg“ 3 years. from 1996 to 1998 i was involved in theater projects in Hamburg and the surrounding area. in 1997, i accepted the first role for television. b
y the year 2018, i participated in about 40 projects. since 2018 i dedicate myself to my passion for art. i have a studio where i make installations, collages, pictures and furniture. Under the label @araca_studio/ i work freelance and realize my childhood dream. furthermore, i have been taking pictures since my childhood and have exhibited my photos under the pseudonym @levonyan_photographer/